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Do Yoga to change your life and makes you feel amazing.

"I feel challenged and relaxed."

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Change the way you do yoga.  Make yoga work for you.  Feel more flexible, energized, relaxed and happy.  Do yoga with experienced teachers in a beautiful downtown space near Bloor and Christie.   

Sore back ? Feeling not so flexible ? Did a friend or doctor recommend yoga to help you loosen up or reduce stress ? Yoga at Fireflow provides an experience similar to private sessions for the price of a regular drop-in. 

I never looked forward to doing yoga until I started coming here.
— Kyle
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Since 2007 Fireflow Yoga has been offering yoga sessions in Toronto. We have served over 8,000 students. We offer a vinyasa flowing practice combined with a focus on alignment and modifications.  You will work harder than you expect but it will all be work suitable to the needs and range of your body. We make yoga work for you.

"I am feeling my hips open up more than I expected."

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How does it work

Bring together a group of 2 to 6 people and register for a six week session.  Classes start as low as $24/session.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Interested to try out two classes to see how it works ?  Email use for a extra special offer.


Yoga with personalized attention

Whether you are new to yoga or have been doing yoga for years you will have a more effective and safe practice with personalized attention.  I began yoga and felt great just after moving my body in ways I never had before.  I was no innately flexible.  I was in my twenties and suddenly felt my whole body in pain after returning to play hockey.  I soon started doing yoga once a week.  Once I started doing a daily practice with personalized instruction I suddenly began to move differently.  It changed how I practice and coloured how I teach.  In 2016 we moved to a small downtown space and began offering smaller sized, personalized classes.  A small class size allows for attention and adjustments similar to a private session but for the cost of a drop-in session.  Change how your body moves and feels.  The relaxation as the end is a bonus but soon also turns into a very welcome treat. 

Jonathan, Fireflow Yoga

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