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Looking for yoga classes in Toronto?

Fireflow opened in November 2007.  For over 10 years we have been offering yoga classes with amazing teachers.  We currently operate classes at our garden studio location located near Christie Station.  We can be found 5 minutes from Bloor and Christie, by Christie Pitts, and down the road from Fiesta Farms.  

There are no shortages of yoga studios in Toronto.   If you live in central Toronto you are lucky to have boundless options every hour.  What a wonderful place to live !  But what type of yoga works best for you ? There is no one size fits all.  

Our philosophy:  small sized classes which provide detailed instructions and assistance.  Make your work in the most effective manner possible.  Period.  Whether you are doing yoga to make yourself more mobile, to gain flexibility, to reduce back pain, to relax, or to learn how to balance your mind and body customized, personalized sessions provide the optimum way for you to achieve your goals. 

Did you doctor recommend you do yoga ?  Small size classes are the best way to achieve your goals.  Experience how yoga really changes your body.

We offer small sized classes, with expert instructors, for the price of a regular drop-in session.

New to yoga ?  Not sure where or how to start ? New to the Annex or Seaton Village area ?  Not sure where to plan yourself and find a yoga community ?  Are you recovering from an injury and looking for a safe yet challenging way to balance your body and mind ?  Fireflow Yoga offers sessions to match your needs.  

How do I start ?

We offer personalized classes for the price of a regular drop-in sessions.  We do this by arranging small groups of students who register for 6 week sessions.  Gather a group of 2 to 6 students and set up a time.  We have a special offer for your first two sessions so you can experience what we do.   Call us at (416) 839-6621 with any questions.

Watch below to see the space and learn more.


Yoga is pretty ubiquitous these days.  Twenty years ago in Toronto it classes took places in gyms and other non-descript  places.  The Yoga Centre of Toronto began in the mid-seventies.  In the early 90's Helen Goldstein opened the Yoga Studio.  In 1997 Downward Dog opened in a small studio space on Spadina before moving to Bathurst and Queen.  In the past decades studios and teachers have appeared on every corner of the city.  If you are located in central Toronto you have hundreds of different options.  There's Hot Yoga, Moksa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Power, Rope Yoga, to name a few.  

So what kind of yoga should you do and where should you go ?  It is kind of like asking what kind of exercise you should do.  It depends.  What are your needs ?  Why do you want to start yoga ?  What are you goals ?  The most focused you are the better the result, as it is with anything. 

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