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Why should I take private yoga lessons? What are the benefits of learning one on one?

Private yoga sessions offer the most effective and efficient way to reach your goals.  Working one on one with a coach opens you to the maximum benefits yoga can offer.

Did a doctor recommend doing yoga ?  The most effective prescription for such a recommendation is private sessions.  Learn to move, balance and stretch with integrity.  Balance and movement are not intuitive but are a learned skill which can be teach you.

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New Student.  OFfer valid for first two 60 minute sessios.  Up to 6 people person session

2 Privates $100* ($50/session)

Over 30 and starting to feel your body creaking ?

Do you see your parents hunched over and want to  better maintain your posture over time ?  

Sore back ? Tight hips or shoulders ?

Stressed ?  

Yoga works to bring you back to balance. Private sessions ensure you are doing poses and modifications most appropriate for your needs.  You also work harder as there is constant adjustment and realignment to slowly teach your body how to move in the most effective manner.

Yoga is not one sized fits all.   Learn poses and a sequence tailored to your needs.

I have been taking private lessons and they have been helpful as Jonathon is
able to work on exactly what I need.
— Jenn

What happens in my first private yoga session?

We start with a brief discussion about your goals, review your posture, and assess your needs. From there you will learn the poses and sequences in a way which benefits you needs the most. No flexibility or prior yoga experience required. The stiffer you the more you will be from the practice. 

Will yoga be challenging or will it just be passive stretching?

Every pose can be an active way to increase flexibility and build strength. Simple poses will make you work and perhaps sweat once you start using the proper form. We use blocks, straps, dowels, and the wall to help you find the right form.


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