corporate yoga classes and wellness programs for the workplace in the Toronto area

Our Corporate Yoga & Workplace Wellness programs are specifically designed to:

• manage and reduce stress
• enhance mental awareness
• increase productivity
• improve posture
• relieve back pain
• promote healthy living at home and at work

A guaranteed return on your investment

By improving the overall well-being of your employees you can expect a dramatic increase in worker satisfaction and engagement. Studies repeatedly show that healthier and happier employees tend to feel better about their jobs and are more effective with their productivity.

From obesity to cardiovascular diseases to depression, health concerns at the workplace are increasing rapidly in North America.

I recently worked with Fireflow Yoga for a couple of corporate yoga events. Jonathan is a pleasure to deal with as he is professional and knowledgeable and led our yoga classes with poise. I would recommend Fireflow and intend to continue working with this studio in the future.
— Pia

Relieve Stress and Improve productivity

Did you know that stress-related absences:

  • Have increased more than 3-fold since 1995 (Statistics Canada)
  • Cost our economy more than $4.5 Billion dollars each year (Statistics Canada)
  • Are on average 20 days long
  • Health Canada reports that every one dollar invested in stress prevention is worth $3.40 future savings.

Topics of focus for seminars and workshops:

The Mind-Body Connection Stress Buster

Identifying the true cause of stress and learning how to use the mindbody connection to let go of the long-term negative effects that it leaves inside.

Shift Happens!

Learning to deal with change in the workplace or personal life with less resistance and more willingness to adapt and thrive in the middle of it all.

Reclaiming your Power with Emotional Maturity

Taking responsibility for one’s own feelings and results gives them the power back in their own hands to make the necessary changes in their thought patterns that have lead them to this leak of energy.

Energy IN – Energy Out: The True Life Balance

A simple dissection of what it means to achieve this balance that everyone talks about. Understanding between the things we do throughout are day that suck energy our of us and the ones that draw energy in.

Sessions can also be combined with yoga and meditation to get the full experiential experience.

Styles of Yoga offered:

• Vinya/Power/Flow/Beginners/Balance and Hips Openers for Strength and Openness
• Yin Yoga
• Restorative Yoga
• Traditional and Modern Meditation Practices

Corporate yoga rates & pricing:

Fireflow Yoga has been offering yoga classes since 2007.  We have served over 8,000 student.  We guarantee you an experienced teacher and an amazing sessions.  Whether it is tax season and you want to bring in a teacher to revitalize the employees and help them destress or if you are looking for a team building program, we can meet your needs.  Prices differ based upon the number of sessions booked and the size of the group.  We primarily serve offices in downtown and midtown Toronto.  Call us (416) 839-6621 with any questions. 

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