Yoga for athletes improves – you guessed it – athletic performance!

Yoga for athletes and runners in Toronto.

Yoga for athletes and runners is something that Fireflow Yoga has focused on for many years. You might be in great shape, but you are very stiff. In the morning, you feel tight. Many people past the age of thirty think the tightness is simply related to aging, however this is simply not true!

Do yoga and stretch yourself out in a way that will relieve back pain, muscle pain, increase mobility and bring you more focus to get in the zone.

You’re athletic. Should you take yoga?

Well, let’s see.

Lebron does it. Russell Williams and other NFL athletes do it. In fact, athletes from ALL of the major sports are including yoga in their exercise programs these days.

Yoga for athletes and yoga for anyone who is athletic. You don’t have to be a pro in order to improve your athletic performance through yoga. Weekend warriors, rec-leagues, and people running a race a month can and will benefit from our personal yoga classes.

At Fireflow, we can teach you the same types of sequences being done by those top athletes.

How do I begin?

To start, we recommend the “Yoga for Stiff Guys” class. It consists of 4 yoga sessions and is designed to get you started doing yoga properly.

Over the four sessions you will learn tools and technique for how to increase overall mobility, increase flexibility, and feel like you did back when you could play hard and feel fine the next day. Don’t worry, because it can happen again!

The workshop also includes 2 thirty minute private sessions to ensure you are doing everything correctly and that you fully understand the techniques.

Fundamental/Beginner Workshops (great for athletes)

Saturdays 9am & 11.30am, starts April 16th

4 sessions Cost: $100

"It helped not just with the breathing but with mental strength and performance in general."
Novak Djokovic, Tennis Player

Watch Novak Djokovic explain why he does yoga at least once a day.

Fireflow student has completed Iron Man 11 times.

"On a big training day I come right after and find it will stretch everything out.”"
Wendy, Iron Man Athlete

Personal Training

Achieve all of your fitness and goals. Learn techniques used by elite athletes to enhance their competitiveness and overall well being. You don’t need to be an athlete to do yoga. You can be stiff as a board, tight all over, with minimal flexibility. That’s how most people are, particularly past a certain age. With private classes you can also learn how to get the most out of regular drop-in sessions.

Private Yoga Lessons

Team Training

Let us give your soccer, hockey, basketball or running group a series of yoga classes. Give yourself the edge. The Seattle Seahawks do yoga with their football club. They won the Superbowl in 2013 and came close is 2015. Give yourselves the same tools and techniques used to give everyone more mobility, flexibility, agility, and focus.

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Start Today!

We have daily drop-in classes. All sessions are open to students with no major injuries. There are Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Get started today. Check the schedule. Purchase a new student $40 unlimited pass or single class online to register in advance. You can also arrive at the studio ten minutes early to sign up in house. Email or call us at 416-839-6621 if you have any questions.

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