Looking for yoga classes in Toronto?

Over the past decades, yoga has exploded in Toronto and the amount of yoga classes available every day is amazing. Yoga is everywhere. Gyms offer yoga. Condos have yoga rooms. You can do hot yoga, cold yoga, yoga hanging from a wall, yoga with straps and bolsters, prenatal yoga, kids yoga, and more.

Yoga works. Yoga works in amazing ways to bring you strength, flexibility and relaxation.

So, where should you do yoga?

We offer real yoga done with an authentic spirit dedicated to making you move in ways which make you sweat, relax, and restore in a healthy, safe class.

In our striving towards excellence we have brought to Toronto some of the world’s top yoga teachers. Danny Paradise has taught many times at Fireflow. Danny grew up Toronto. He left in the mid seventies and was part of one of the first groups to study Ashtanga yoga in Hawaii with David Swenson. In the mid-nineties Danny introduced yoga to Sting. Sting’s interest in Ashtanga yoga help spread yoga around the world. Now yoga is everywhere. But it hasn’t always been the case as Danny recalls below.

I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy and be an example to my children.Yoga is almost like music in a way; there’s no end to it.

Sting originally thought yoga for little old ladies in leotards.

Darby teaches techniques for learning Chaturanga

"Great location, great space, friendly staff and a great teacher! It was my first ever yoga class, I will be back!”"

We teach Ashtanga-inspired yoga and movement to both build muscles and strength and make your spirit roar. Every student counts and we don’t consider ourselves to be successful until you are.

Leaside yoga classes in Toronto.

Absolute Beginners Workshop

Start yoga for refresh your practice with the four part Absolute Beginners Workshop. Over four sessions learn tools and techniques to help you get more out of every yoga class. Yoga works. It works best when done right.

Private Sessions

At a recent private class a young woman remarked she felt like Madonna. Treat yourself like a celebrity and pamper yourself with some private yoga sessions.Increase mobility, flexibility at a time and place most convenient for you.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a term used to describe a method of “attuning one’s senses to the present moment” and meditating after yoga can help you to improve your mood, attention span, relieve stress and appreciate life a little more. Mindful Meditation defines a way to using meditation to fundamentally increase people’s joy, happiness and over all well being.

In the early 1990’s Jon Kabbat Zin started a Mindfulness course for patients with chronic pain. He found that with daily meditation over 90% of people could feel significantly better, happier, focused, and with much less stress. The practice did not change the pain but altered the way people focused upon it.That change of focus made people happier, more productive and more relaxed.

We offer an eight week mindfulness meditation program based on the eight week scientifically proven formula to improve your overall being. Our instructor Lou has over 30 years of experience with meditation. Learn more about Yoga and Meditation.

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