Types of yoga classes.

What types of yoga classes do we offer?

Fireflow yoga offers many different types of yoga classes for beginners and advanced students of all ages and ability. If you are new to yoga, we have classes that are designed specifically to ease you into your practice and private yoga lessons are also available.

We began as an Ashtanga inspired studio. Most teachers come fron a traditional Ashtanga practice. We offer Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Pilates, and Prenatal classes. The classes often differ by the style of the teacher. Each teacher brings their unique background, training, and interests with them to class. Expect expert instruction, challenging flows, and real yoga.

We do not offer hot yoga but expect to sweat. Get the fire inside your body burning as you flow from pose to pose.

Vinyasa Fundamental Flow 1,2

This class flows through a series of poses usually based upon the Ashtanga sequence (sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses). Expect to sweat and work hard with a focus on alignment cues and practices mixed within the flow. These classes are open for beginners.

Ashtanga 1 – Half Primary

Asthanga 1 sticks closely to the traditional Ashtanga primary series. This challenging class has a steady flow through the traditional series. Modifications are always possible so that even beginners can do the class. Some yoga experience suggested but the class is open for new students with no serious injuries.


Pilates creates a lean tight body activating key muscles. Condition the body, tone the abs, glutes, and legs in an a fun and amazing workout. Top models use Pilates to keep their form and shape. The exercises have a precise way to accessing specific muscles. You start with a few repetitions which seem basic and then suddenly feel the burn. The class is open for students of all levels. The class is low impact so accessible to all ages.

Restorative Flow

Start with a short flow to work key muscles and then move to a restorative class which encourages the release of deep rooted mind-body tension. For the restorative part the body is supported by various props (bolsters, blocks, straps) to put your body into shapes which cause slow openings and a calming of the nervous system.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga can assist with a number of the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy such as edema (swelling of the hands and feet), cramping of the legs and calf muscles, shortness of breath as well as sciatic nerve, round ligament and lower back pain. General feelings of tiredness and stiffness can also be greatly relieved by a prenatal practice. No prior yoga experience is necessary and it is safe to start at any point in your pregnancy, although most moms tend to start towards the end of their first trimester

Absolute Beginners Workshop

This four part immersion introduces you to the sequence of poses, the proper breathing, and basic alignment. Get lots of individual adjustments and expect to sweat as you learn how to properly open your shoulder, hips, and hamstrings. Learn how to move your body from the core. If space permit this workshop can also be done as a drop-in for $25/class. Experience the difference. Many students take the course a few times as they enjoy the detailed alignment, adjustments and attention of these sessions.

How many types of yoga classes are there?

In addition to the number of yoga classes we offer in Toronto, you can check out this listing of the various
types of yoga available for anyone to try.