I particularly like the small classes, it’s great having the space and time to learn and to not be overwhelmed by a large class of people who may have very different levels of experience.


I appreciate the caring teachers, concentration on proper form and attention to detail, and
smaller classes allow more personal attention.


The beginner’s workshop is an excellent way to check in with your body and ensure that you’re getting everything you can out of each pose. I appreciate that Jonathan took his time surveying the room, adjusting us where necessary. I enjoy the vibe, and might have just found my new yoga home 🙂


Jonathan always finds ways to encourage me deeper into each pose. Each class I leave feeling stronger and ready for the next challenge my day brings.


Jonathan is an excellent instructor. He is attentive and friendly. He makes everyone feel welcome and his yoga classes are challenging.


I have been taking private lessons and they have been helpful as Jonathon is able to work on exactly what I need.


It’s a great place to deepen your practice. I’ve been coming to Fireflow for a number of years and have found their instructors to be strong, qualified and experienced . I always come out of the class feeling challenged and


I did prenatal yoga and it benefited me a lot. My backache is gone which feels great.


I have participated in the prenatal yoga classes, post-natal baby and mommy yoga classes and the birth prep workshop. I liked the prenatal yoga classes the best and found them extremely valuable for great safe stretches, relaxation and breathing.


I’m new to prenatal yoga and felt like the class provided a productive balance of movement and stretching, and adapted to the variety of stages of pregnancy among the women in the class.