Fireflow Yoga specializes in personalized, small sized yoga classes with experienced instructors, a cozy downtown space all for a very reasonable price.

Fireflow Yoga has served over 8,000 students since we opened 10 years ago. Our focus: Small size classes with amazing teachers.

7 Reasons for a Small Sized Yoga Class

1. Personal Connection
Practicing in a small class enables you to form a personal connection with the yoga teacher. The teacher gets to know your strengths and weaknesses and knows your individual needs. Like a personal coach the yoga teacher can best work to meet your needs and goals. Poses and modifications will be tailored to your personal needs.

2. Adjustments
Am I doing this right ? In a small setting you get lots of personalized attention. Yoga works in many ways. With precise adjustments and personalized cues you will ensure a focus on an aligned and safe practice.

3. Practicing in a Safe and Healthy Manner
Mark Darby, a great Ashtanga yoga teacher and friend of Fireflow, says it takes 500 times to completely switch a bad habit. Alignment is not intuitive and obvious. With hands on instructions from highly qualified teachers you will catch your bad habits and ensure you develop both a fun and healthy practice. With a small class you feedback during the full class.

4. Customized Program
Customize the pace and style of the class to your needs. You might be focused on relieving back pain, tightening up specific areas, or rehabilitating from an injury.

5. Confidence And Tracking Growth
By working closely with someone who knows you practice you will more easily track your progress and get feedback on your progress. You will get surges of confidence as you slowly open and strengthen your body.

6. Group Bonding
Doing yoga in small group with friends or strangers creates a bond with your fellow students. This bond helps encourage continued and regular practice and shares in the all of the milestones you will reach doing yoga.

7. Like Privates but Much Less Expensive
In a small sized yoga class you get the benefits of something similar to one-on-one attention. Unlike a private yoga sessions the cost can be similar to a regular drop-in class. Also, unlike a private doing yoga with a small group also create a buzz in the room or a partner adds to the buzz in the room.

How does it work ?

Gather a group of 2 to 5 people together.  Connect with us and get a weekly or bi-weekly time which works best for you.  Each class runs 60 minutes.

Classes range in size from 2 to 5 students.  Prices are based on 8 week sessions.

2 students: $45/person per class

3 students: $30/person per class

4 students: $25/person per class

5 students: $22/per per class

HST is added to all prices.

Questions ? Call us at (416) 839-6621 or contact us.