Thinking about taking postpartum yoga classes in the Toronto area?

Fireflow yoga offers group and private yoga lessons for all women, whether before, during or after pregnancy, and we specialize in helping women deal with the awful and sometimes debilitating symptoms of postpartum depression.

Yoga classess in Toronto for postpartum depression.

Typically referred to as “postnatal yoga” or “Mom & Baby yoga“, our studio focuses on your overall well-being and includes the spiritual in addition to the mental and physical.

You will benefit immediately from gentle and effective postpartum yoga positions, poses, breathing, stretches and routines by taking classes in our Toronto yoga studio, conveniently located at Yonge and Eglinton.

Register today for a postnatal yoga class (currently Thursdays at noon) or come by for a visit and we can even just talk for a while. You are always welcome at Fireflow Yoga!

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What is postpartum depression?

We’ll leave the more official definitions to the medical professionals, but we can safely say that depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping are standard symptoms and nearly 80% of new Moms are affected.

What is postpartum yoga?

While the term “postpartum yoga” isn’t usually used, a lot of the poses, stretches and breathing involved with Postnatal yoga help to relieve the symptoms often associated with postpartum depression and new Moms.

How will taking yoga classes help me with postpartum depression?

The truth is that it would be hard for yoga NOT to help you, regardless of your condition. Just getting out and being in the world again has an effect, and meeting other new Moms is a huge help as well.

With yoga, the release of stress through stretches, poses and proper breathing will help your mind to rid itself of everything negative and allow your mind and body to meld and heal. Distractions become distant and the mind is able to simply focus on the body.

There are various and specific yoga poses that will gently help you through this difficult period.

When are your postnatal (postpartum) yoga classes?

Toronto yoga classes for postpartum depression symptoms.

The postnatal yoga classes are currently scheduled for Thursdays at 12:00pm., however all types of other classes are offered each day and our expert yoga instructors are always available to help you with private yoga lessons as well.

Take the time you need – and deserve!

We all have families. And routines. And things that need to be done. And people who need to be taken care of.

But none of these will happen if we don’t take care of ourselves first.

Moms are ‘givers’ by nature, this we know. But you really do have to have to believe that giving back to yourself is not a selfish act. It’s a necessity.

Have you heard the following before?

You have to take care of yourself.

Well, it’s true for a reason and we can definitely help you to accomplish it.

We care about yoga and we care about you.

Yoga is our passion and our approach is one of love, trust and support. Your success is our success, after all.

Everyone is unique and we’ll find the right type of yoga for you.

Everyone has different needs in terms of ability, energy, focus and stamina, for example. We pride ourselves on finding the right path for you to begin your journey with us and will work with you to achieve the balance and peace that you so richly deserve.

Fireflow Yoga is a different kind of yoga studio.

We really are more of a community that supports one another and we invite you to visit us and feel the difference. You will immediately know that you are in a safe place where your success is of the utmost importance to us.

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