July 7, 2015 Focus123

Yoga for muscle stiffness and pain.

Ever wonder about muscle stiffness and where it comes from? Or how about joint pain?

You are twenty-five and play an intense game of tennis. Thte next day feel back pain and can hardly walk. You are thirty-nine and play your Sunday hockey game.You alwayss feel like you can’t move the next morning. You are forty eight and feel low back pain. In the mornings you wake up with your body feeling stiff.So often we assume it’s a natural result of getting old. That is only partially true. If you do you can be fully active and feel fine the next day, walk around without back pain, and feel as good as ever.

At Fireflow Yoga, our Toronto Yoga studio, we focus on providing active yoga helps you increase mobility, flexibility, stiffnes, soreness, and pain.

Like all good machines, the body needs some tender loving care to bring it back to its shiny, agile nature. Whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, or sixties, you have the ability to bring your body towards optimum health. Yoga is a process to both energize and bring your body back to shape, like a car after a good tune-up and oil change.Yoga also works to reduce injuries, reduce stress, and provide mental focus. The one caveat is you must be doing the pose right, with correct alignment, otherwise you just reinforce bad habits. So you do need a good teacher.

Yoga works for both men and women.Many men thing yoga is only for women.Before starting yoga Sting thought yoga was something done by little old ladies in leotards.

Yoga was created by men and originally done by men.It’s an interesting shift that in the West yoga is definitely practice by more woman than men. Many people then assume it’s a practice for women, particularly flexible one. Yoga works for both women and men. It is a way to bring your body towards optimimum mobility through precise poses and movements.The more inflexible you are the most yoga can work for you.

Each night when you go to sleep, the interfaces around your muscles potentially grow fuzz. When you wake up and stretch the fuzz melts.

Natural fuzz buildup is one way of viewing stiffness and aging. Every night fuzz accumulates in your body. It’s real. In the fuzz speech below, Gil Hadley shows what this actually means. Fuzz build up is something which happens every night as we sleep.

Body work (like yoga) introduces movement manually to tissues that have been fuzzed over.

Yoga serves as a great way to remove even long-standing fuzz which may have been building up over years or even decades.