New Yoga Students Toronto

New yoga students will experience the Fireflow difference at our new ‘Garden on Essex’ yoga studio!

New yoga students are in for a completely new yoga experience! Our ground-level yoga studio in West Toronto opens-up onto a beautiful and tranquil garden, perfect for mindfulness and meditation!

Some of what you can expect include:

  • A place to find real, authentic yoga!
  • Small class sizes that enable our teachers to provide you with lots of attention!
  • An independent, Toronto (west) studio with eight years of dedicated yoga service experience!
  • Increased mobility and flexibility!
  • Increased energy!
  • Learn to relax and be happier overall!
  • Relieve body aches and back pain!
  • and many, many more things!

Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

Absolutely not! Some poses involves extreme flexibility achieved by a small minority of people. The goal and aim of yoga is not to get oneself into a pretzel position and levitate. (That’s a different course.) yoga and flexibility You can use yoga to work towards creating more flexibility. Yoga works as a skill to make the most inflexible people less inflexible and brings your body towards its optimum balance.

It is a common misconception that you should be flexible before doing yoga. Do you need to have rhythm to dance? You can learn rhythm and with practice you can learn to dance and the same applies to doing yoga. Read the blog post.

Start Today with a Drop-in Yoga Class!

You can start right away by coming to a drop-in yoga class today and experience yoga the way it was meant to be taught!

Four Part Beginners Workshop

We highly recommend starting with the four part Absolute Beginners Workshop.

Maybe you have done yoga on and off for year and have never been sure if you are doing it right, or maybe you are still and inflexible and are thinking it might help and maybe you want a class which makes you work but also focuses on personal adjustments and finding the right form.

Expect to be challenged and work but everything is reachable from whatever level you start.

Work on a core centred practice which will be challenging and  bring results. Get the most out of any regular drop-in classes you attend after learning these tools.

Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop

“I am starting to feel old”. “I ache after playing hockey and my back hurts”. “Can yoga help”? Yes, yes and absolutely!

“I am not a beginner. I have done a few classes before so am not a complete newbie. Will the workshop be applicable to me?” Yes.  Even a rather regular yogi can gain from the tools and techniques of the workshop.

The workshop is for non-flexible people looking to gain flexibility. Stiff athletes and runners most welcome.

Flexibility is not an innate ability to bend. Flexibility comes through precise movement combining strength with correct alignment. If you learn to develop core centred movement you will inevitably become much more flexible, agile, mobile, balanced and relaxed.

The beginner’s workshop is an excellent way to check in with your body and ensure that you’re getting everything you can out of each pose. I appreciate that Jonathan took his time surveying the room, adjusting us where necessary. I enjoy the vibe, and might have just found my new yoga home 🙂

Morgan, January 2016

The Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop provides techniques to increase flexibility and mobility

The workshop style allows for more in-depth learning, but you should still expect to sweat and get a good workout!

We give you the tools to save you from years of classes and teachers in which you may or may not figure things out yourself. Developing a strong practice and an aligned body is not intuitive. Years of just doing yoga without correct training might just reinforce bad habits which keep your shoulders tight and your body not fully balanced.

One of the biggest myths held by new yoga students, many who might have been doing yoga for many years, is that if you sweat and it feels like lots of work you are probably on the right path.

This is not true.

Sweating and work while moving does produce positive feelings and sensations. That is true.

But without conscious movement from your core you might be reinforcing bad habits which keep your shoulders tight, your back not free of pain, and your body not optimally mobile.

“But I just want to do yoga. Why are your talking about alignment and moving from the core?”

Building a solid foundation for your yoga practice only benefits you and puts you in a place of optimum balance.

Over four sessions learn tools, techniques and cues for to how to make yoga work more than you might have ever imagined.

How is the workshop different from regular classes?

  • Over 4 sessions slowly develop techniques to maximize the benefits of every yoga pose. This information is not intuitive and does not just happen after attending lots of yoga classes. It takes specific learning to figure out certain ways to find each pose. Basic poses suddenly make you sweat, stretch deeply, and get all of your blood flowing in a way which feels amazing. Once you experiene it you understand what this means.
  • Learn the sun salutations in a way to completely alter how you experience them.
  • Learn how Downward Dog works to lengthen your spine, opens your hips, opens your shoulders, and builds core strength.
  • Learn specific techniques to lengthen your spine and strengthen your core in every pose.
  • One of the best ways to learn how to shape and move your body involves physical adjustments. Verbal cues are valuable but have limitations. Expect hands-on adjustments to help you better understand how to open your shoulders, hips, and strengthen your core. Since it is a workshop style class we stop at various points till you understand the movement.
  • Learn the flow of the sequence which forms of the basis of most classes.
  • Don’t be fooled by the name. Yes. It is a beginners workshop but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. You will have to work but will feel the benefits of it. It is all doable but takes effort. Learn to use move your body efficiently and safely.

Sessions run every Wednesday at 8pm (starts September 7th)

Cost: $100 for 4 sessions:

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Four part Absolute Beginners workshop


Fireflow student has completed Iron Man 11 times.

New to the Area or New to Yoga?

Give us a try. Daily drop-in classes.

New Student Special — take an unlimited number of drop-in classes for 30 days — only $40!


If you are new to The Annex area of Toronto, we hope to provide you a place for an authentic, real yoga experience to challenge you and to help grow your yoga practice.

Come to us after a long, stressed out day at work and leave relaxed, calm, focused, and with less stress.

Call (416) 855-3570 today!

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Teachers are so knowledgeable and really put in the
extra effort to give you individual attention.

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It was very comfortable and cozy. Also she was so friendly during the class.

Fireflow Yoga Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Wear comfortable fitting clothing.We do have a dress code which requires wearing at least 2 Lululemon pieces of clothing. Kidding. Lululemon makes great clothing.They have a store nearby on Yonge street which has the latest colours and styles. But you don’t actually need to wear Lululemon clothing when you come to Fireflow. You just need to make sure you are in comfortably fitted clothing in which you can sweat. Any attire you might wear to the gym or for a jog would be appropriate. If you have your own mat bring it. We do have complimentary mats for use at Fireflow. Bring a water bottle so you can drink water after class.SPORTSlululemonWEB1
Yes. All of our classes are drop-in classes. If this is your first time please try and arrive 10 to 15 mminutes early so you can check in and get settled.Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.37.46 AM
There are meters on Redpath south of Eglinton.After 6pm and on weekends there is streets parking on Roehamption and streets nearby.See the contact page which also lists 6 secret meters which are right by the studio and only cost $1/hour. Taking transit? We are a 5 minute walk from the Eglinton subway station.
We don’t suggest doing yoga on a full stomach.Have dinner after class. If you need a snack fruit or anything easily digestible is best about an hour before class.Drink lots of water.2567b5fd4d9114bf_eat-yoga.preview

Beginners Workshop

Learn Fundamentals and Work Out

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How’s Your Downward Dog?
Shoulder Opening in Downward Dog
Navasana, Building Core Strength and Stability