New Yoga Students Toronto

Do yoga in a safe, inspiring space downtown space with great teachers.

Classes limited to 8 students


Yoga provides a method to safely open hips, shoulders, relieve back pain and improve posture.

Learn techniques to make your body more agile, happy, healthy and balanced.

I am not a beginner. I have done a few classes before so am not a complete newbie. Will the workshop be applicable to me?” Yes.  Even a rather regular yogi can gain from the tools and techniques of the workshop.

The beginner’s workshop is an excellent way to check in with your body and ensure that you’re getting everything you can out of each pose. I appreciate that Jonathan took his time surveying the room, adjusting us where necessary. I enjoy the vibe, and might have just found my new yoga home 🙂

Morgan, January 2016

Over four sessions learn tools, techniques to make yoga work to make you feel refreshed, sweaty, and relaxed.

  • Over 4 sessions slowly develop techniques to maximize the benefits of every yoga pose. Once you experiene it you understand what this means.
  • Learn the sun salutations in a way to completely alter how you experience them.
  • Learn how Downward Dog works to lengthen your spine, opens your hips, opens your shoulders, and builds core strength.
  • Learn specific techniques to lengthen your spine and strengthen your core in every pose.
  • One of the best ways to learn how to shape and move your body involves physical adjustments. Verbal cues are valuable but have limitations. Expect hands-on adjustments to help you better understand how to open your shoulders, hips, and strengthen your core. Since it is a workshop style class we stop at various points till you understand the movement.
  • Learn the flow of the sequence which forms of the basis of most classes.
  • Don’t be fooled by the name. Yes. It is a beginners workshop but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. You will have to work but will feel the benefits of it. It is all doable but takes effort. Learn to use move your body efficiently and safely.

Mondays 9.30am, 6pm, Sundays 9am

Sessions start Sunday, May 7th and Monday, May 8th

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If you are in Seaton Village or the Annex come check out our space for a premium yoga experience. Do your shopping at Fiesta Farms and then come on by for a classes. We provide a place for an authentic, real yoga experience to challenge you and to help grow your yoga practice.

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Teachers are so knowledgeable and really put in the
extra effort to give you individual attention.

Do I Need to Be Flexible to Do Yoga?

"I'm not flexible.  I can't touch my toes. I'm  not suitable for yoga." With yoga expect to touch your toes - often in the very first class. Give your body some loving care by lubricating and activating core muscles, hips, and hamstrings. Yoga awakens the body to its optimal capacity. My first yoga teacher Kaila Kukla drew inspiration from Erich Shiffman,

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Reducing Running Injuries by Increasing Hip Stability

Written by John Davis - As a high school track and field coach, I get to work with athletes with a huge range of abilities.  Some are very talented and naturally strong, able to take to any new sport or form of exercise with ease, while others are somewhat uncoordinated and weak when it comes to general strength and

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Donald Trump, Flexibility, and Yoga

Many people think they are not flexible so they are not good candidates to do yoga. Yoga works in amazing ways for those who cannot touch their toes, with tight hips, and general stiffness. At the Republican debate last night Marco Rubio made a yoga joke. Ted Cruz was speaking to Donald Trump to breathe, breathe, breathe. Rubio quipped

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It was very comfortable and cozy. Also she was so friendly during the class.

Fireflow Yoga Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Wear comfortable fitting clothing.We do have a dress code which requires wearing at least 2 Lululemon pieces of clothing. Kidding. Lululemon makes great clothing.They have a store nearby on Yonge street which has the latest colours and styles. But you don’t actually need to wear Lululemon clothing when you come to Fireflow. You just need to make sure you are in comfortably fitted clothing in which you can sweat. Any attire you might wear to the gym or for a jog would be appropriate. If you have your own mat bring it. We do have complimentary mats for use at Fireflow. Bring a water bottle so you can drink water after class.SPORTSlululemonWEB1
There is lots of parking in Essex Street.  By subway get off at Christie station.  it is a 5 minute walk from the station.
We don’t suggest doing yoga on a full stomach.Have dinner after class. If you need a snack fruit or anything easily digestible is best about an hour before class.Drink lots of water.2567b5fd4d9114bf_eat-yoga.preview

Beginners Workshop

Learn Fundamentals and Work Out

Warrior 1 with a Smile
How’s Your Downward Dog?
Shoulder Opening in Downward Dog
Navasana, Building Core Strength and Stability