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Welcome.  Fireflow opened seven years ago.  We have always prided ourselves in having the best teachers.  We are not a large corporate entity and our small, independent studio offers a warm space to learn yoga and join a community.    


"Excellent teachers, nice environment. This is not mickey mouse yoga, but the real deal (having done yoga elsewhere)where the instructors have knowledge in the discipline."  Review from January 10, 2014.  READ MORE REVIEWS


Yoga is an amazing way to gain flexibility, strength, relax, reconnect your mind and body, and feel amazing.






Our 30 DAYS/$30 intro offer works great for those with good fitness, free from injury, or with some yoga experience.  We suggest starting with Beginner/Level 1 or Vinyasa 1 or Ashtanga 1 classes.  Even if you are in good shape yoga will work to strengthen your body and increase flexibility in unique ways.    To get the best introduction we suggest starting with both a $30 introductory private class along with the $40 unlimited month.    


The $30/month offer applies to all regular drop-in classes (most of our sessions) but cannot be used towards workshops.  Must be a full-time resident of the GTA.



Private Sessions


If you are curious, have never tried yoga before, then a private classes works for many reason. Feel the full power of yoga through personalized guidance, learn ways to practice which best suits your own needs and body, and feel the benefits of one on one instruction. A one hour class introduces you to proper breathing, slowly guides through each pose and shows you how any pose done correctly has an amazing effect. The experience will serve you whether you continue on your own, move on to group classes or stay with private sessions. 




Yoga offers a unique approach to fitness. Using your own strength and muscles yoga provides an all round workout. Those who think yoga is just simple stretching will quickly realize the strength and power unleashed with yoga. Yoga helps improve your posture caused by driving and sitting at a computer. It provides a space to breathe and deep breathing is the main tool we have to calm and de-stress the entire body.  It focuses on flexibility which helps you build true strength, as "strong" but inflexible muscles are prone to injury. And it teaches you to move from the core of your physical strength thereby making you stronger and more balanced. Some people have done yoga only to find they improve their golf score improve, their tennis game gets better, and they run with more comfort.


Try a class and experience how yoga works.



Fireflow Yogis speak:

"We've been doing private yoga classes with Jonathan at Fireflow for almost one year....The physical and mental benefits for both of us have been remarkable...the one one one allows for a more intense and fulfilling practice. Jonathan is a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher whose passion for yoga is an inspiration." 






Work slowly through the sequence of poses but expect to sweat and work hard in our most popular workshop.  Over 4 sessions learn the proper breathing techniques, the sequence of poses, how to do poses to get the maxiumum benefits, and a workshop environment which allows for questions and lots of adjustments.  Get lots of adjustments, answer your questions, and figure out what works best for you.   For those new to yoga, starting yoga, and looking for classes which focus on finding flexibility, strength and relaxation.   In these beginners yoga workshops  learn to activate deep core muscles in every pose.  The work is not obvious and alignment is not natural.   We  will give you tools and tecniques to help your posture and overall well being.
















Tuesdays 9.30am  Get a cardio blast and yoga fix with Teshia.  All levels.







"Teachers are so knowledgeable and really put in the extra effort to give you individual attention." 


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Abigail, Yoga Advisor


abigail, yoga advisor


Hi, My name is Abigail. I have run a marathon and recently completed the Fireflow Yoga teacher training. I am one of your Yoga Advisors. Fill out the form below and either myself or Jonathan will get back to you. also call us at (416) 855-3570 with any questions.


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