January 18, 2016 Focus123

Let’s Dance and Do Some Yoga

Bowie’s final video Blackstar powerfully combines Bowie’s classic voice, haunting images of him on hospital bed, as a preacher, and dancers moving to a cosmic rhythm. It’s both lyrically brilliant, a salient view on death from someone about to die, and still full of playfulness and dance. I have watched it many times. It is moving, chilling, touches the senses, and makes me think.It consistently brings me chills.

The video is a very clear final act by Bowie. It came out in November – two months before his death. People didn’t know what to make of it and it received good reviews. No one read into int saying it seemed to be Bowie speaking about his mortality. Nobody guessed he might be sick and this was his final goodbye.Once he died its message only then became obvious. It was Bowie’s brilliant final output at his creative peak poetically enlightening us on death and dying.

Life is precious and limited. In the end “They take your passport and shoes, And your sedatives and boos, You’re a flash in the pan I am the Great I am.” And with his classic vocal prowess he continues, “Something happened on the day he died,
Spirit rose a metre and then stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried.”

What can we do to maximize our time here ? What can we do inspire those around, to build community, to spread love and goodness ?

For me yoga and meditation is a way to become more present. Bowie never looked back and always felt it important to stay in the moment.Yoga helps me to be in the moment by bringing balance to both mind and body.

I look forward to celebrating together as we do a special Vinyasa class full of comsic exploration of inner and outer space accompanied by the words and music of David Bowie. Join us Tuesday at 6pm. Reserve your spot.