January 4, 2017 Focus123

Five Ways to Feel Amazing with Yoga, Meditation and Gratitude

Every day is Christmas, and every night is new years eve. Sade

Feel amazing! Happiness. Feeling really fine. Often such feelings can seem elusive. With yoga, meditation and gratitude you can find happines.Below are five ways to make yourself feel great.

Think of a Happy Moment

Remember a day or moment when something really amazing happened.Recall how you felt during that moment.  Where in your body do you most feel that good sensation as you recall the feeling and moment ? Maybe in your head or across your heart?  Spend a few moments enjoying that feeling and recreating that great emotion.


Music Makes the People Come Together. Madonna

Listen to Music
Music heals. Sound awakens the senses.  Music connects us individually to greater emotions and also connects us with other people.

Listen to your favourate song or artist.

Listen to something which makes your move or dance.

It is gratefulness that makes the soul great.  A.J. Heschel

Write a Gratitude List
When we feel disconnected we can forget the many blessings we have.  You might start with writing a daily gratitude journal of at least 3 things each day for which you are grateful. Studies show that if we actively choose to focus on gratitude we will feel happier. This is not just hocus pocus or woo woo.

A 2003 study had one group of people keep a daily gratitude list and a second group listed daily hassles or neutral events. After ten weeks the first group felt more life satisfaction than the second group.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.  John Lennon

Breathe and Meditate

Start by taking some deep breathes.  You can start with five ujai breathes.  This is the deep breathing used in Ashtanga yoga and the technique Danny Paradise taught people like Sting, Paul Simon, Bob Weir, and many of his other famous students.

It can be easier to learn meditation in a supportive group with a teacher and the energy of other students. If you are in Toronto drop by one of Fireflow’s meditation offerings, try the Monday night Consciousness Explorer’s Club meditation downtown which attracts an amazing group of younger seekers, try a course at the Shambala Centre at Bloor and Christie, try out a Thich Nat Han Meditation downtown on Monday and Friday evenings, or in west-end Toronto try Fireflow’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Eight Week Course.  Free intro session Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 at 7.30pm.  Register here.

The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. Anthony Robbins


Get yourself moving.  Almost any kind of movement will help and this is especially true if you have a desk job and work on a computer every day. Thirty to sixty minutes of exercise a few days a week will help you feel amazing.  Prolonged movement releases feel good chemicals in the brain and decreases negative feelings.

Yoga is a great way to move to both balance and strengthen the body and mind.

It makes you feel amazing, stay young, and brings you a sense of balance and ease.

Start today with any drop-in class.

For even better results try the Four Part Absolute Beginners Workshop.

No time to get to a studio or class ?  Make your own schedule.  Set up in-studio series of private coaching and yoga or bring us to your house or office.