Looking for new ideas for your child’s next birthday party?

Kids yoga birthday parties in Toronto.

Why not yoga? Yoga gives kids a sense of accomplishment as they find new and interesting ways to move, interact and balance. Plus, everyone can do it and no one feels left out. Yoga is very active, which gets them moving, focusing, laughing and playing. Everyone wins.

An added benefit is that, over time, yoga helps to build self-confidence, self-esteem, teaches freedom of expression, balance and coordination.

The yoga classes for kids are unlike regular yoga classes in that the experienced teacher tailors the methods of teaching to the age of the group. With visualizations and explorations, the poses turn into an extended movement.

Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday at Fireflow Yoga!

The birthday party combines yoga, play, and partner games that will engage the kids both mentally and physically. Children learn yoga poses, games, and relaxation exercises, while the “Partner-Poses” and cooperative yoga games inspire positive peer interactions.

A yoga birthday party involves an active hour of fun and games around yoga related themes, poses, and activities. Birthday parties at Fireflow run from ages 3 to 14 and each yoga party is custom tailored to meet the needs of your child.

What are the benefits of having a yoga birthday party?

The kids have an amazing time, they learn to move their bodies and create different shapes and poses, and focus their attention and energy. It’s amazing to see them all in complete silence during the final resting pose.

It teaches the kids new ways to relax and focus.

Being able to un-plug and de-stress is huge for kids and yoga provides the type of engaging exercise that provides this for them.

It teaches them something new that is non-aggressive.

While being a challenging activity, yoga teaches us an inner-peace and awareness that can definitely help a child to develop a focused calmness.

They learn how to spend their time constructively.

Children benefit from engaging in constructive play and yoga provides them the opportunity to leave the X-Box alone for a few hours.

It lets them enjoy a level of success.

There are no winners or losers when it comes to yoga and everyone goes at his or her own pace. All children will enjoy their yoga experience in different ways, which really is what it’s all about.

And it tires them out.

Aside from needing an outlet to burn-off the type of energy that our children possess, parents will obviously benefit as well.

Everyone leaves with a huge grin on their face. Party includes yoga portion and time to create your own after party to serve pizza, cake, and goodies.

Kids yoga birthday parties? Does anyone actually do that?

You’d be surprised at how popular it has become. In addition to being a unique idea, it’s also safe, a ton of fun and affordable for the parents. Why keep doing the same things when you can give us a try? We promise your child will have a great time!

We are a local Toronto yoga studio.

Conveniently located in west Toronto’s Seaton Village, we are close to Bloor and Christie, The Annex, Koreatown and Little Italy.

Being local means less hassle for you and less time spent running around. Your child’s birthday should be about learning and having fun, so why not consider hosting your next birthday party with us if you’re already in the area?

And even if you’re not in the area, let us make this day a special one for your child and his or her friends.

What do you get at your yoga birthday party?

  • The party includes a total of 90 minutes of studio time:
    • 55 minutes of yoga class
    • 20 minutes to serve cake/snacks (provided by the parents/caregivers)
    • 15 minutes for drop-off and pick-up of kids

How much do the parties cost?

Surprisingly (to some), they really don’t cost much more than you would pay anywhere else (and in many cases are quite a bit less).

At $200 for up to 10 kids, plus $10 for each additional guest, our costs are reasonable and we are also local, which means less travel for you.

How many kids can attend the yoga birthday party?

Our maximum capacity currently sits at 20 kids per yoga party.

What about reserving yoga parties and any deposits?

You can reserve a yoga birthday party up to one week in advance and a $75 deposit is due at the time of booking.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your party!

Toronto yoga studio birthday parties for kids.
Toronto yoga studio birthday parties for the kids.