Using Yoga, Meditation and Dance for a Shapeshifting Experience

We did our first Dance/Yoga/Meditation in early May. I was not sure what to expect. I attended a Five Rhythms dance in Costa Rica and an ecstastic dance event a few years ago. I have heard of the Move, and other similar events around the city. People dance without proscribed boundaries.

People move around in ways which made me uncomfortable. It reminded me of crazy people. I can’t let myself go like that. I am afraid of looking silly and foolish. But everyone else moves with a great truth which shines and glows.

Like children they unabashedly move around wherever their inclination takes them. This is generally not dancing like Drake in Hotline Bling. People move around making shapes of their bodies, as the music takes hold some begin to move in and out of yoga poses, roll on the floor, and move around towards a deeper rhythm. And it all makes sense.bachannal

When the session in May ended there was a hush in the room. Afterwards we sipped tea and lingered for a good amount of time. It felt blissful. I aspire for every class and event at the studio to create such a transformational shift. It felt like all of the ingredients combined to create something special beyond ordinary.

One person remarked the final shivansana song sounded like something from the 11th dimension, never mind a 3rd or 4th dimension. Another woman noted in shivasana she felt herself leaving her mat in way she had never experienced before. Theses event are drug and alcohol free. The rhythm and movements tingled the senses and let a beautiful feeling flow thorugh us and the room.

Come this Saturday ane experience it with us. Celebrate the summer solstice. What exactly happens ? The evening starts with an intention setting exercise with Liz. Following this we do some heart opening yoga to open our bodies and get the energy flowing. Then we dance to a masterful soundtrack set by Liz. We dance for an hour. She leads us through high energy moments and back down. We then move towards some restorative yoga poses. We end with a shivasanam guided meditation, and reiki done on us as we rest. Afterwards we gather, sip tea, and savor the moments and experience.

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